SUP Yoga

Vis Island Yoga

You can practice SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga) this summer with our certified yoga instructor –Neda. For more information or to book a class you can get in touch with Neda on her FB page: Inside Yoga, or through the Contact Page. Early mornings and sunset classes are best for SUP yoga, but we can arrange for whatever time of day works best for you.

SUP is a fun way to get around the island and the local coves, while being active. Short classes and intro into SUP are always given to first-time SUP.

“Stand Up Paddling” and Yoga have a lot in common, including both mental clarity, and exercise for the entire body. The class consists of 10 minutes of paddling to the buoy, where we will anchor the board first and then start with a specially designed sequence of yoga postures (Vinyasa), which will, in addition to activating every muscle in your body, deepen your breathing, calm the mind, and help you fully connect with yourself and the nature that surrounds you.

SUP Yoga helps to develop concentration, awareness of the breath, deep relaxation, a sense of adventure, and the ability to indulge in something that is much bigger than you. Practicing yoga on SUP requires a fine balance of strength and softness.
So whether you’re an avid “stand up paddler”, an avid yogi, or both, these classes are guaranteed to challenge you while putting a big smile on your face. It is truly a piece of heaven on earth.


SUP Yoga group classes   150 HRK – 1h

SUP Yoga private lessons 250 HRK –  1h