Asanas – The gifts that keep on giving :)

  We are told to sit in an asana (seated posture literally; yoga position loosely) for 5 breaths. What if we stayed in each life situation for 5 breaths?? Took five deep breaths before we reacted? Before we tried to get out of it? Or before we became frustrated with it? Before we decide to give up? What if we… Read more →

Season 2016 is ON!

Inside Yoga together with lslomania is holding daily sunset SUP Yoga classes at Milna Bay Who are Islomania? Islomania is a non-profit association for people who are in love with sea and islands. SUP is their prime activity and a great way to explore the seaside of the island of Vis. It is very easy to learn, and I highly recommend taking a little… Read more →