Asanas – The gifts that keep on giving :)


We are told to sit in an asana (seated posture literally; yoga position loosely) for 5 breaths. What if we stayed in each life situation for 5 breaths?? Took five deep breaths before we reacted? Before we tried to get out of it? Or before we became frustrated with it? Before we decide to give up? What if we only took 5 deep long breaths like we did in an asana? What then? If we just remained patient enough to see… To see what is there, to listen our bodies, to let our minds quiet down… To give them the opportunity, the chance, to just sit there and breathe, through the uneasiness, through the discomfort, through the pain, and get out on the other side of it, find release, well-being, comfort…


What if?

Our asana practice is so much like or life path. Constantly faced with similar situations ( the same asana in the ashtanga vinyasa system)  but yet each situation is new, easy day brings a different point of view, a new feeling, each day brings us a new discovery… If only we sat still and listened… If only we allowed ourselves to be quiet a little bit each day so we can listen to it, so that we can hear it… our inner voice, our heart, the silence… guiding us, showing us the way, being really present and loud…. If only we shut out the outside influence, the outside forces, the constant streaming, our minds 🙂 , our negative thinking, or judgments, our impatience, our fear 🙂

Instead look with an open heart…. See the duality of the moment, the impermanence, the play of fate, the lesson… Look at forgiveness, always humbled and kind, look with love, that you don’t know any better than anyone else, that you don’t know any better than me, and that we are here, trying, every day, to come out on the other side , of discomfort, uneasiness, pain…. And release it, release our minds, our pre-conceived notions, our judgments, our beliefs, our thoughts, and let our heart guide us to silence, to well-being, to comfort. 🙂

My yoga practice takes me there. That’s why I practice yoga. What is your anchor? What takes you back to thatplace? Where we are all meant to be:) . The place of peace and kindness. What is your yoga? 🙂

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